Sockpuppeting on Huff and thinking they're slick

I've been thinking about this since the following post appeared. Brand new person just posting this morning after I at least get a notice from Huff Moderators to play nice. How many others did they email. Did they email Moffie since it was the two of us going back and forth this morning?
I don't know, but I know that the appearance of this post with the complete outrageousness of the claims on the heels of this morning, followed by Moffie's near instantaneous ass-kissing of it is suspicious at best.
I also suspect Dugmaze of sockpuppeting, as well, or at least rapidly convincing one individual to use his pro-autism bunk.
So, I've thought on this, on the give and take with Moffie, especially on this new thread with her equating vaccination to being shot, to the holocaust and now to 9/11. I've thought about Doug's posts, especially since I had a tromp through the first two hundred or so this morning in search of two particular posts he had made regarding his own Aspie tendencies since he's now backpedaling on that. It's time to give out the weekly award. I have concluded this phrasing will have to do even though it's not exactly what I'd say to their faces -- I'd be more blunt and more detailed (I'm not PhysioProf, alas, able to be quite so blunt with my language online since my students have access to this page and my name is attached to it, no anonymity for me, man I ought to do that!).
The winners of the chickenshit of the week are Moffie and Doug.
Moffie's refusal to acknowledge the offensiveness of equating vaccination to being shot, to the holocaust, and to 9/11.
Moffie's refusal to answer specifically and precisely the questions asked of her. Chickenshit is exactly what I think every time I read one of her dodges.
Moffie's vague, imprecise, repetitious blathering about the truth and crap (see my post below deconstructing her position statement that I demanded of her).
Doug's split personality posts. I swear either his wife writes some or edits some, or the dude is an agitator and means little of what he says except occasionally when he gets a clue. About a dozen posts are decent, caring, worthwhile posts. Out of nearly 800. And then there are the obvious digs and jibes to get a rise. There are the changes in positions. There are the posts that just don't quite line up and lead you to conclude that at best, Doug plays fast and loose with the truth. I hate liars. And I mean that with a passion. So, I guess chickenshit fits well here. A chickenshit lies.
Now to Aut547. Brand new poster today and I'm supposed to believe this person to be genuine?
I don't think so. I'm giving AUT547 whomever he or she may be the chickenshit award for this post. It's bullshit histrionics with absolutely no reasons to believe in its validity. The person's follow up post to who he/she is isn't any better at offering reasons to believe in the validity of the person's story.
The comment:
"These were the BEST comments the good doc from UCLA has??? Sounds like he jumped on the internet and picked up some comments in defense of vaccines from the 1990's. Its like someone bringing up Wakefield..."there was a guy who said vaccines were bad! He was wrong! Case CLOSED! The LA Times SAID SO!". The evidence against vaccines has grown so exponentially that trying to argue with people who still insist parents of vaccine-damaged kids are whacks is like wearing a 100 weight on your leg. You'll never win a debate so why bother? "Yes, you are right! The world IS still flat!!!!" For those of us who listen DAILY to parents and their vaccine horror stories, what should we do? Ignore the "emotional" parent who watched their baby die in their arms from fatal seizure hours after their vaccine? Ignore the "emotional" parent who minds the feeding tube their child lives with after their vaccines? Ignore "emotional" parents who watched their walking toddler fall helplessly to the ground dragging their legs behind them after their vaccines? Ignore the "emotional" women who speak out daily about how the Gardasil destroyed their lives? Ignore the "emotional" soldiers who have been screaming that gulf war syndrome was caused by vaccines? Shall i recommend to these people to vaccinate their second child after watching their first puff up to unrecognizable dimensions shortly before an agonizing death? Perhaps I will wait until they are less emotional and more scientific."

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Reads like Doug. Really does. Pulls enough from Moffie's histrionics, the bit he himself has posted about the Gulf War. Yup, really rings of Doug. And if it is. Chickenshit.
*** This individual has resumed posting. So, I will post here that I feel the first post to be complete histrionics, I do not believe it to be honest. The person could be genuine and not a sock puppet, just another AoAer who's decided to put her two cents in. Consider this a potential backing-off on my part that this person being a sockpuppet. I want to see how the posts play out and whether the story she is now conveying holds at the center. If it does, I will completely retract my sockpuppet argument. The first post still wins the chickenshit award. If anyone thinks that's unfair, feel free to weigh in on that in the comments section.

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