The silent boy is no longer so silent

This is the boy who didn't talk for years, at least not English. He babbled nonsense (he still does, but now it's English, he just butchers the facts worse than Tim the Toolman Taylor could have ever dreamed of), but he didn't communicate much at all.
Fast forward to present day and last night, he juggled repeat, conjoint phone calls between his girl friend and his best friend. We had to keep reminding him to put the phone back up to his ear, though, as he'd put one down at waist level without saying he was done talking to that person, without saying good bye, without hanging up. Quite a change for all of us to experience. He talks LOUD, so no matter where he is in the house, you're in for the conversation. But, he's talking. And laughing. And engaging the world. Maybe not the great big wide world, and maybe his circle is only others who are also disabled, but he has real relationships and he's happy. It's a hell of an accomplishment and worth the noise.

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