Roy's ego knows no bounds

This made me laugh. So, I'm sharing it and then I'm shutting my laptop and walking away. Walking away tall.


"I don't bother with undergrad textbooks. Here is the real stuff: "Empirical Direction in Design and Analysis" by Norman H. Anderson. The author's conclusion after applying a host of differing statistical analyses to the polio study: Analysis of the polio data implies that there is not adequate evidence that the vaccine was effective.I realize none of you will buy this book (it is very expensive).This is another example that, even with statistical analyses, one cannot conclude that vaccines are or are not effective, or even which ones are or are not effective.You guys are a bunch of lightweights and I am done wasting my time with you. Bye Bye."


Lisa said...

The arrogance of this particular "health strategist" is overwhelming, indeed.

KWombles said...

He certainly doesn't like it when he's challenged; he's really getting hammered at the Karp post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/harvey-karp/cracking-the-autism-riddl_b_213730.html