Proving once again why Dachel gets the here's your sign award

"Those unwilling to accept the holocaust created by unsafe vaccines will be swept aside." Ann Dachel


Seriously, sometimes your head just falls into your hands, shaking silently no in disbelief. The rest of the post was nearly as bad. Kirby had best keep backpedaling his way out of the woo-ship as fast as he can. It appears to be sinking into a morass of ignorance no one will be able to stem the tide of.


Connie said...

The thing they don't seem to understand is that, even if they were 100% right about vaccines, the way they present their message is guaranteed to turn off almost everyone . . . sorry, but if you equate pediatricians dispensing vaccines with Nazis systemaatically killing Jews, people are just going to laugh at you and think you're crazy . . . why can't they see that?

KWombles said...

They are convinced beyond reason that they are correct and we are all the fools. The comment that won for the week seems more than adequate evidence that they have no understanding of what science is.

If science shows that a subset of autism cases are in fact caused by a specific component in vaccines, I will be among the first to acknowledge it. I'll go where the science leads, certain only in the uncertainty of science, looking carefully at the statistical significance of studies that are carried out.

These people deal in absolutes. They cannot, for example, hold simultaneously in their minds that I am both a parent to children on the spectrum and a psychology instructor who focuses on the neurological aspects of autism and the relative heritability (I do not claim to be a researcher; I am an academic). Because I point out the science does not back their allegations, I am cast out of their autism community. Not that this is hurting my feelings, but it would tend to suggest that the issue of heritability is an apt one: one of the broad autism phenotype traits is absolutism. :-)

Connie said...

Even if they're convinced that they're right and we're fools, from a marketing standpoint they're going about things exactly in the wrong way if they want to sway people to their viewpoint. That's the thing (well, one of the things, at least) that boggles my mind about these folks.

Of course, I suspect that they really DON'T want to sway people to their viewpoint as much as they want to enflame the people who already share their viewpoint . . .