Out of the woodwork these folks come... and a dream unfulfilled

"I'm so glad this site exists...otherwise I'd feel that maybe the truth wasn't out there. But it is. I'm glad too that we can read some of the Big Lies here...even the politely, considerately worded ones."


I'm telling you I write stories, I have a dozen ideas for novels in my head and bits of them on paper, even a completed one, and yet I, with all the fiction going on in my head, would be hard pressed to make this level of paranoia, conspiracy theories, outright woo, and general ignorance or total idiocy up. Maybe I ought to try? Create a Jenny style character who goes about spreading lies, woo, and ignorance, who takes the US by storm, so pretty and captivating is she that the media are utterly delighted to have talking tits on, especially when it's such nonsense coming out of her mouth. Until perhaps a reporter with ethics stands to take her on, has an audience filled with parents of children with autism, doctors, lead autism researchers, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, and concerned citizens who have followed the science, and one after one, these people speak truth to ignorance, fearmongering and profiteering. All while the Jenny character is forced to sit silently behind sound proof glass and listen to it while ensuring no one can hear her voice. While we are at it, all the others: Olmstead and his bogus Amish research, Handley and his inability to read a study accurately, Stagliano who really doesn't understand analogy even if she thinks she's using them and who helps to spread and stir up ignorance and vitriol, Kirby, Kennedy, Wakefield, the Geiers; we'll put them up there, too, and allow the scientists to go down the line of them and thoroughly out these people, their misinformation, their inaccuracies, their outright lies, and how they prey on families and attempt to keep them mired in victimhood all while attempting to profit off of them.

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kathleen said...

We could make a reality t.v. show out of it and call it "Jenny gets polio"...Put jenny and all her pals on an island and then introduce measles, polio etc.etc. because with people not vaccinating...and herd immunity going down..people who have been immunized are going to be affected as well..she can twitter audience members from an iron lung..now that is "must see" t.v.!