My ass, indeed. Enough crazy to go around

Whenever I run across a comment so glaringly crazy, I stop a moment, mouth open, head cocked, and wonder, really? Nah. No one could be that batshit crazy. I know, that's not at all nice. But, I'm coming to the conclusion that it's perfectly alright to call batshit crazy batshit crazy. It's not like the person's gonna be my friend if I sugar-coat it, right? I've got no problem with garden variety crazy, with slightly delusional, with I can't help it. I am not equating batshit crazy with neurological disorders, either. These people whose incredibly stupid comments make it here don't have neurological disorders as far as I can tell, just a terminal case of stupid. And I don't mean they aren't intelligent. I mean they have the wherewithal to come to a rational, reasonable conclusion based on the scientific information at hand and don't. That's what I'm terming stupid, and when it goes beyond simple stupidity, batshit crazy.

Like today's commenter of the day. I thought to myself as I read her comment, do I just pull nuggets of it, do I post it all, do I just link and let folks go find it? What would be the best way to illustrate the crazy? And the fact that AoA posts it?

I've decided to just pull random bits.


"We have swapped a rite of passage disease (language change "deadly"), for chronic unwellness, if not maiming and killing."

"...have we relegated our trust to people who want to make a buck of our kids, have we even LET our OB GYN's asphyxiate our kids with birth drugs/immediate cord clamping?"

"I mean this short commercials on drugs and their side effects, have now become very long, and they include things like death, bleeding out of your anus, as pleasant?"

"Autism is genetic, my ass. This is a manmade disease."

Does this rise to batshit crazy? Or simple stupid? Go read the entire comment, if you will, and weigh in.


kathleen Leopold said...

well thank god for birth drugs!!! My babies were all over 9lbs.! I think that perhaps she needs to get off this rollercoaster ride she complains of...have a nice cup of herbal tea..I hear it keeps the radio waves out of your head-and since I heard it-it must be true! mommy instinct you know...:)

KWombles said...

:-)Having had the first one with minimal meds, the second completely natural, the third one I had an epidural. Enough's enough, you know.