Misra wouldn't know science, well, if it smacked her.

Proving yet again that AoA commenters have their heads buried in the sand so that they manage to miss most of the science that is out there regarding autism is Misra's latest comment over at AoA:

"You have to wonder WHY our great medical fraternity now wish to use the word autisms while still claiming that they do not know the cause of autism. The term autisms will certainly imply to most people that the disorder has a variety of causes. We know for a fact that the steep rate of increase in cases of autism began from a particular year and in all states of the United States simultaneously. Whats the use of a medical degree if you dont possess the logic of mind to realize that this indicates likelihood of a single cause. Or does this indicate instead some very smart people who wish to delay, dilute and distract from our number one purpose- wiping out that cause of autismNotice how easy it is to delay- Spend 10 years on genetic research and then a couple of years deciding what to do in the future years . Which of us has confidence today that future research will be any better than past research ?The word "autisms" is not new. It has been sent up as a trial balloon on several occasions in the past. It should be rejected as not based in science.For those parents anxious to have the variety of symptoms of autistic kids recognized- You have every right to expect and demand that from medical science.Next January lets award a prize to Dr. Tom Insel - a bronze plaque for his desk, inscribed: THE TRUTH IS A MOVING TARGET"
Posted by: Cherry Sperlin Misra June 12, 2009 at 12:47 PM


And let's follow it up with this post on ignorance:

When talking about autism with others, I have found that eyes are focused, ears perked, you can sense the sympathy beginning to ooze out of their hearts, then as the conversation progresses it ultimately leads to causes. I have found that the moment I say the word "vaccine" the lights go off and the bus begins to pull out of the station. Immediately. For a long time I would get upset, withdraw into my own private life, fearful in a way that I was turning into a nut. What was it that turned these people off, some of whom were friends and family.
I realized that the problem that they have with the issues of vaccine safety is because they are ignorant. They haven't had the education. Now I feel that because of Katie, jenny and so many others out there in the public eye, work is taking place, the world will soon know. So I tell them, knowing now that the next time they see someone like Katie on national television, they might not change the channel as quick.
Baby steps in a giant's world."
Posted by: bensmyson June 12, 2009 at 01:35 PM


Seriously? Everyone is ignorant, all the scientists, researchers, doctors, parents, citizens who resoundingly say that autism and vaccines are not related are the ignorant ones, but these AoA/GR/Safeminds people are the smart ones, the educated ones, the right ones who are being unfairly persecuted for their beliefs. They can't prove their beliefs with scientific evidence and their doctors who sell them the bill of goods on vaccines and heavy metal toxicity have been discredited, but anyone who opposes them are ignorant.

And, I'm sorry, if you were telling your story to get sympathy, that is a tremendous turn off. Empathy and support, fine and dandy and absolutely necessary, but wanting people to feel sorry for you? Nuh-uh.

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