Mankovitz: so big a deal, he deserves a second post

Mankovitz says he's a certified nutritional consultant. So what does it take to be that? $250 and taking 11 tests, with one year prior educational experience in nutrition.

Here's the product description of his book from Amazon: "Product DescriptionThe author, a NASA spacecraft designer, inventor, lawyer, entrepreneur, and holistic health practitioner, embarked on a twenty year research project to determine how the human body could remain healthy for the longest possible time. You do not need a background in science to understand The Wellness Project because it is based on common sense, backed by more than 350 references. The diet section of the book does not resemble any diet in print, and yet is backed by the largest "clinical study" in human history. Read about the one diet that works for all human beings and is nature's solution to an omnivore's dilemma. Find out why eating three kinds of "dirt" can be important to maintain your health, and how certain types of emotional detoxification can speed up the removal of physical toxins from our body. This book also includes sections on lifestyle and our environment, proving that staying healthy is not rocket science! "

Hey, he's got a "program designed by Nature." I read the pages available through Amazon. Don't waste your time. As he says above, it's based on common sense. Well, there you go. All you need. There's a scathing review of it on Amazon, as well. It's worth the read.

He's also a board certified holistic health practitioner.
http://holistichealersacademy.com/enrollment_application.htm Cost $675.
There you go. For a grand, you too can be a certified nutritional counselor and a board certified holistic health practitioner. Ain't that grand?
To be fair, it appears he was also enrolled at Clayton College of Natural Health, too: http://www.ccnh.edu/community/educationaltravel/2004/nanp2004/nanp2.asp

Earning the woo award for the week is Roy Mankovitz.
The guy keeps posting his plugs all over the Huffsphere. One of his latest responses to someone else: "I welcome cynics and criticism, but it really takes no effort and no critical thinking to be a critic. Even a five year old can throw rocks. As a result, I have developed a screening system to evaluate the amount of credence I assign to each critic. It is based on the same criteria one can use to evaluate those who contribute something original to the world. Begin by checking out the past successes of those proposing new theories. See if they have made any published original contributions to the world in any field. See who funds their projects. Now, do the same for the critics. Here is one example: As a disruptive technologist, I research and evolve new theories in a variety of fields, self-fund research, and have more than 60 issued and peer-reviewed patents as a result, with more coming. I have published books in the new field of illness-prevention, and you can read (free) copies from your library. They have been "peer-reviewed" and endorsed by MDs, medical researchers, biologic dentists, and psychotherapists. A list of my NASA and other peer-reviewed publications, patents, endorsements and bio are available on my website. Please use this information to evaluate me, and my new theories. Now, let me tell you how I will evaluate your offerings. The same way you evaluate mine. It's only fair. So, I and others in the audience await your personal, original, and positive peer-reviewed and published contributions to the world."
I don't think Roy understands what peer reviewed means, do you? Dude gets the ass award as well.

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