Kirby speaks the truth for a change

"I offer proof of nothing, and answers to no questions. I draw no conclusions." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-kirby/notes-from-the-big-anti-v_b_209506.html

The closest to truth Kirby has come is contained in the first part of his first sentence. Big admission on his part, don't you think?

"I believe that the study of environmental triggers - other than vaccines - can provide some sorely needed middle ground in what has turned out to be one of the most contentious and vitriolic issues of our day. That doesn't mean that research into genes - or vaccines - should or would stop. But it might provide for a way forward from here."

Kirby helped to ensure it would be with his book and his posts on Huff and AoA. And now he want to dial it down some without admitting his role in the whole affair.

"I am just a journalist, I'm a layperson, so I view things in a slightly different way than scientists. And I have the luxury of doing that because I get to, you know, play around with theories a little bit, ask different kinds of questions and try to see connections between different things."

Yes, scientists never play around with ideas, testing out all sorts of hypothesis. Oh, wait, they do, and then they actually conduct scientific research to validate or reject their findings. They don't have the luxury of opening their mouths and spouting their "ideas" without backing it up with actual FACTS.

I'm sure I could find more to pick apart, but will let it stand with these points for now. It's certainly sufficient to show his true colors.


Connie said...

Kirby is pretty clearly setting the stage to jump ship, I think . . . not sure of his reasons, but based on some of his comments over the past few months (e.g., thimerosal isn't the "smoking gun" he once thought, etc.) it appears to me that he's trying to put some distance between himself and the others at AoA.

Wonder why?

I haven't checked out the reax at AoA and HuffPo to his latest, but I expect at least a few folks aren't taking kindly to this . . . .

Of course, just as every movement needs a victim and a hero, every movement also needs a traitor. David Kirby = Judas?

KWombles said...

Comments on his posts concerning his Autism One presentation and the Huff post summarizing it are extremely low over there, 3 to 6 comments for each.

Sort of like the comments for Jenny's Autism One presentation: one comment that Jenny's so pretty. :-)

Connie said...

You know, I noticed something similar the other day at AoA when they ran one of their rare, non-vaccine-related posts . . . about a new book someone has written about his adult brother with autism . . . that article garnered only five or six comments . . . I guess something about adults with autism doesn't fit into the template of "autism is curable" and "recovering the children" and thus was unable to be processed mentally by most of the readers over there . . . .

But let someone come on and suggest that vaccines actually save lives? Well, THAT generates some heat . . .

angela said...

LOL! I only post this here, as this conversation gave me the same lvl of frustration that AoA gives me...

My ex husband, father to our autistic son informed me that he can see that Alaric (our son) is outgrowing autism.
I laughed hysterically.
I guess he has been reading these blogs where people give their child fish oil and POOF they become someone else....(guessing)
I pointed out to him that saying such things undermines all the hard work Alaric has put into learning social skills, learning about expected and unexpected beahviour. I pointed out that it also demonstrates a lack of acceptance for Alaric as he is. He insists that of COURSE he accepts his son! But why can't I just be glad that he is outgrowing it!
Becauase, you @$%^%$ I love Alaric. I love all those quirky moments, I love his fascination with grouped information, I love his honesty and his personality. Because, you selfish man, I am proud of Alaric for all the hard work he has done, for the fact that he has struggled and succeeded with concepts that are difficult for him, amazed at his growth on so many levels.
I wanted to slap him (the ex), but instead I hung up, gently, and snuck up on Alaric and kissed him soundly.
"Mom" he said oh so seriously, "Do you know how many germs are in the human mouth?"
That's my little guy!

KWombles said...

I love that, Angela. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing that. Anytime you want to vent, brag, bitch, moan, whatever, feel free to come on over and do so! :-)

I'll even create a blog post for vents gotta-says and link it over on the right.