Jenny McCarthy far more likely to be seen as....

AoA starts your mornings right. Well, if by right, we mean remembering not to be drinking coffee when we read one of their posts. Coffee on a computer screen isn't a pretty thing, so I've learned to turn my face to the side if I haven't swallowed the coffee in my mouth. Sigh. Seriously, can't AoA take a break from stupid? Is that really asking so much? You think that maybe they've realized that Jenny ain't helping them and that's why it's been Jenny free for a couple weeks and bang, my least favorite esquire is back with stupid.

"And maybe that's been Jenny’s greatest contribution. You need only become familiar with her writings and public appearances to be in on the conversation. She has done so much of the education for us. We just need to continue that conversation."

Followed with this as a capstone: "In the future maybe the question won’t be “Do you know Jenny McCarthy?”, but if they're 'a friend of Jenny?'"


For all that's holy, spare yourself her writings. Seriously, do you want to feel the neurons dying? Watch her, holding on to the idea, as one Aoa poster has, that she's really pretty, no matter how she wears her hair. Uh-huh.

It is far more likely that Jenny will be the barometer that decides which side of the world you fall on: (1) the unabashedly woo-side who believes against all science that vaccines (doesn't matter which one, had to be something in it), heavy metal toxicities, etc., anything but genetics or in utero insults (now I'm picturing readers picturing people bent over a woman's pregnant belly screaming insults at the baby inside) are to blame for their child's autism, or (2) the side who takes the time, the deep breathing, and the effort to read at least some of the vast literature on autism that suggests both the genetics and heritability of the condition as well as the likelihood that autism is set in place by birth in almost all cases (see Coleman, 2005, The Neurology of Autism).

It is far more likely that Jenny will be seen, along with Wakefield, as responsible for the renewed outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases and accompanying permanent disabilities and deaths that will inevitably occur.

It is far more likely that Jenny will be held with the same sort of "esteem" that Jane Fonda's Vietnam war era activities won her.

But, hey, she is an easy way to size up the person you're speaking to, that's for sure. She's a handy shortcut. I'll give her that.

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