Is it lyme disease or vaccines, Kathy? Or SV-40?

"Thanks Dr H for all the positive SV-40 in our family, just love the autism, seizures, MS and Cancer. MWAH! Love it, NOT!!!!!" http://www.lyme-autism.org/


Seriously, this woman has made some of the more outrageous comments I've plucked from AoA and is in my rarely humble opinion, one of their more extreme posters.

So, which is it: vaccines or lyme disease? Or apparently, she now feels it is the SV-40 to blame for all the ailments in her family.

No name calling necessary here. Y'all can supply the appropriate appellations, right? See, the nicer, kinder, gentler me in action. I didn't call her a nut just because her ideas are. :-) How'd I do?


kathleen said...

What IS sv-40?...it sounds like sunscreen to me..
Hey(on a different note)...have you got any studies on chelation I can look at? I am just no good atdeciphering the good studies from the bad-and I'm in a bit of an argument on another site...help!

KWombles said...

It's a virus found in the monkeys that were used for the polio virus in the 50s; the virus was not rendered inactive when the polio vaccine was made. There is no scientific evidence that it ever caused any problems in people who received the polio vaccines that contained the virus, but it certainly brought up the potential dangers in using animal cells to create vaccines. Offit's book, Vaccinated, is a very good book for an overview of the history of vaccines in this country. The AoAers are using their incomplete knowledge of the virus to fearmonger.

I'll see what I can pull on chelation. :-)

kathleen said...

Monkeys??? hahahaha...now I can answer your question...you handled it very nicely..it is nice to be kind to the mentally...uh..I'll get back to you when I can think of an adequate word..:)

KWombles said...