An interesting side note

So, the mainstream medical side of things calls the AoAers, the GRers, the DAN docs quacks. We personally, the woo-fighters, call them wooquacks. Did you know that the folks over on the woo-side call mainstream medicine quackery? Really, they do.

"I'm waiting for the quackosphere to find a way to smear Sharyl Atkisson's character after this. You know they will@@. That's how they operate." http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/05/sharyl-attkisson-explores-off-label-use-of-risperdal-in-children.html#comments



kathleen Leopold said...

Holy crap...these people ..When I read their posts..there are no words...I feel for their children. It must be hard to be the child of a victim..

Gonzo said...

"Quackosphere", LOL!!!

Love the woo sign, too, and look forward to exploring your blog. :)

KWombles said...


It can take a strong stomach to go into the lion's den over there and read some of the posters, especially knowing your own words will have no chance of getting on.
Gonzo! Glad to see you; I really enjoy your blog!