Huffington Post Moderators email me

PLEASE stop the personal attacks in the vaccine thread
Sunday, June 14, 2009 11:30 AM

"The Huffington Post" comments-system@huffingtonpost.com
You can challenge arguments without attacking another commenter. The moderators have their hands full lately so we don't have time to deal with tit for tat hostility lately. Thanks for your help and cooperation.
Only personal attack was when I said she was a conspiracy theorist. And I'm pretty darn sure the evidence of her posts shows that clearly. So I don't think it's a personal attack. At least not an unjustified one.

Huff: Quit letting her comments on and I'll quit commenting on the stupid. Pretty damn easy way to fix it. Because if you're censoring her as much as you censor me (they don't like it when you bad mouth AoA), I sure hope it's because her stuff was more batshit crazy than the holocaust crap was. Seriously. Stupid deserves to be countered. Every time it opens its mouth.

Fine. I'll try to show restraint; but the really egregious stuff is coming over here. You realize how much crazy stuff I let go of?

I'd like to have seen the email to Moffie. Evil grin. :-)


angela said...

LOL!! **cheers you on**

KWombles said...

Moffie's feeling pissy:

""Why, yes, Doug, I did. And, much as I hate to use Moffie's words, you're twisting this to suit your needs"

You never hated using them enough not to copy them over & over as you've been doing."


Oops. I just copied them again. Drats. :-)

Gonzo said...

Crank Central should start a campaign: "Ban the C-word".