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"Having said that, my children will never have any more shots, and if I had to do it all again, would not get any, at all. I agree with Kim, I'd take ANY one of those "preventable" diseases (with the RISK of death) over autism, any day of the week. Oh, had I only known that autism was a side effect of vaccines...
Posted by: Amber June 01, 2009 at 03:19 PM "

"I'd rather my girls get chicken pox, measles, mumps, and every other formerly accepted childhood disease than face rape and abuse as adults with autism. End of my story.
Posted by: Stagmom June 01, 2009 at 11:42 AM "


I'm getting really tired of the "parents" who'd rather watch their child suffer from a preventable disease and who say they are willing to risk the child's death rather than deal with autism. Even being empathetic to the effort and energy that managing children with ASDs take, and I ought to know, since I have three, and even if I bought for a second that vaccines caused the ASD, the lack of regard for the child evident in stating that death is preferable, well, that's a parent that is on the edge and for whom intervention should be given. Perhaps, if you'd rather your child be dead, you need that child out of your home.

I've watched my son have a stroke, watched him become paralyzed on the right side, lose his speech. Wondered if he would live, if he would recover. I've sat beside him while he lay in a hospital bed, seriously ill with a blood infection and wondered if he would live. For the last decade, I've dealt daily with the knowledge that both he and his father have a hereditary blood clotting disorder that may take them without warning. And I've dealt everyday with his autism. I have never wished or thought that a preventable disease and the risk of him dying (and painfully at that) preferable to his autism. And I am deeply disturbed at the number of parents who I have read stating either that the risk of death or the child's death is preferable.

AoA, GR, Wakefield, the Geiers, Jenny McCarthy and the like promote parents adopting a mentality of victimhood. This does nothing to help further adaptive coping skills so that these parents, faced with a future they were not expecting and a harder road than they were prepared to walk, are ill-equipped to manage.

They have earned my enmity and disrespect. As long as I read parents like these who post to these forums and blogs, promoting this kind of mentality, I will be here standing against it.

And the Fresca-spewing award (what happens when I read while drinking Fresca and run across something deliciously ironic) for today goes to: "...I think we have a better grip on reality than most folks." from http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/06/dr-bob-sears-author-of-the-vaccine-book-if-a-vaccineautism-link-is-proven-will-vaccine-policy-change/comments/page/2/#comments


Connie said...

So AoA posts a "middle ground" article from Bob Sears, in which he suggests that vaccines might, you know, sorry to say this so I'll whisper, sometimes, maybe occasionally save lives -- and the collective response from the readership is an angry shriek of "Nooooooooo!"

Heh heh heh.

Especially poignant was the comment of one passionlessDrone, who urged that this thread be unmoderated because "no one who is unwilling to have their views criticized will be able to affect policy. In this regard, this site consistently fails...."

He was completely ignored, as best I can see, by all the other commenters rushing to condemn Sears and his "fence sitting."

KWombles said...

I noticed that pD had posted and thought that was brave of him since if they chose to feed on him, he'd have no chance of seeing his rebuttals on AoA.

Those parents who believe vaccines are the root of all evil do not welcome any suggestion concerning vaccines or autism that counters their belief in their child being damaged/injured.

Connie said...

As I signed off AoA yesterday, I wondered what it would be like to be a new visitor, checking out the site for the first time. The ferocious hatred and anger; the railing at people not invited to reply (or who have their replies censored by mods); the self-pitying complaints against a world that does not pay enough respect; it's a consistetly ugly performance.

Has AoA ever convinced anyone of anything that person did not already believe? And of those who come to the site unceratin of what they believe, mustn't the vast majority come away from these rage-filled, narcissistic tirades thinking, "If that's what being a warrior parent is all about, I want no part of it"?

KWombles said...

I wonder if those who post leave feeling better. I can't see how they would. Instead, I think the anger and hostility feed each other, and that most walk away angrier and feeling more victimized. And those that run AoA sit back and earn their money off of this.

Matthew Cline said...

I wonder if those who post leave feeling better.

Being able to vent can be cathartic, and misery shared is misery lessened. Of course, it would be better for all involved if they could do that without being anti-vaccine.

KWombles said...


Yes, venting can be, and when people commiserate together in a supportive environment, they can walk away feeling better. And with constructive coping plans in place. I have seen very little indication that this is occurring over there at AoA. Instead the powers that be foment a sense of being victims, encourage the view that their children have been damaged by a money-hungry big pharma that cares nothing for their misery, and that these children are ghosts, shadows, soulless. No one counters those who promote those views that the diseases and the very real risk of death and disabilities that vaccines protect against are better than living with autism. So, I suspect very few people walk away from AoA with more adaptive coping skills or a more positive outlook. They may walk away with wallets considerably lightened if they click on the sponsors, though.