Frak me if he isn't funny, though

I will give Doug the credit he deserves for his witty one-liners. Dude's seriously funny at times. I'll still be your friend, Douggie, if you'll take back the pro-autism bit and admit that it was over the top. Sure I will. Promise. :-)

Too bad Huff won't let the rebuts on.

So, Doug, to the question of whether I think autism is curable: they didn't let on this:

I'd answer but I'm too busy being a deranged word twister. I'll have to get back to you on that one (the exact post escapes me, although the last line suggested he fill in the blank).

To the AoA being able to help me:

15 is below the critical limit. :-) Cute! (I know, seriously? WTF was wrong with that?)

Hell, I even told Moffie I had no problem with the post that had retard in it, but no, it couldn't get through moderation. Control freaks mad with power is what they are over there. Still want that job. :-)

So, I bow to Doug's wit. Now, if he'd work at balancing his posts so that one could take him as an entire, balanced whole, that would be awesome. He's making it hard as hell to classify him. Well, that's not entirely true, is it? My husband thinks Doug's really got a screw loose, he's messing with people, or both. And I think, well, those are usually the people I pick for friends. Huh. Only nice messing, though. Don't think doug qualifies there. I think he's got a streak of mean in him. Which raises the mean in me. Moral high roads are so hard to take sometimes. And I'm human.

I like quirky people. Quirky people should rule. But no woo. Not the wooquirks. Rational, logical quirks who like rules, structure and order in the midst of their chaos. Nerdquirks.

And I now feel I have suitably rambled, since I am apparently a rambling, deranged word twister. I'm not sure I've twisted or been adequately deranged, though. However, I feel I can reasonably end this post. :-)

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