Even I know when to shut up

"I wrote the following to kwombles, where I explain it was only fear I was equating & not in any way comparing vaccination to the holocaust; You've twisted my words, as usual. I was talking about fear that was in my heart as a child & others may have felt it, too, for that matter. I was equating the "fear" of lining up with others in grade school, to get vaccinations, to the fear victims of that terrible holocaust might have felt lining up, for what many didn't even know, what for, at the time. I'm sure most knew it was bad, maybe even death in the minds of some. Fears, fear no matter how you try to spin this. Posted Jun 12 I'll post what I originally wrote next." Moffie


Probably won't make it on: I'm sorry, as I'd really rather leave this alone, but that you don't see that you are still equating the fear of a vaccination to the fear these people felt when they were lined up to be systematically exterminated is not okay, then you have a problem. All you'd have to do is simply say that wasn't what you meant and you got carried away. That's all. Because if you really think all fear is equvalent then you have been fortunate to have not experienced some pretty bad things, if all you have to evaluate fear is your experience with getting a shot.

Seriously, my belief of what a good person is: if you screw up, you own it and you make it right. Failure to admit errors is not okay. Failure to work at making amends is not okay. Good people do the best they can to make the world a better place. As Todd would say (kids' books), it's okay to be... wrong if you admit it and fix it. No one is perfect. An inability to admit that, to admit when you screw up means you can't grow, can't adapt, and are doomed to keep making the same stupid mistakes.

UPDATE 3:11pm 06/15

Having spent her morning flooding the thread with her explanations and continued justifications, which I'll leave alone as they were handled capably on the thread itself by others, Mofmars333 finally responded to my post:

"kwombles says; "still equating the fear of a vaccination to the fear these people felt when they were lined up to be systematically exterminated is not okay" Not so, because it doesn't change the fear factor degree, being the true comparison. Remember, many didn't even know they were going to be murdered. Whether they did or not, is irrelevant, because it's plainly the fear being measured & compared. The fear in my mind as a child was huge.I believe the fear factor comparison was equivalent to what I perceive the fear level in the hearts of the holocaust victims, might have been. In comparison of fear in my heart as that child, to fear in hearts of anyone, the holocaust included & used for example, is what I believe to be the highest level of fear anyone could feel. If you'd really rather leave this alone, kwombles, then please do. It's really not that big a deal & really is clogging this thread which distracts others from participating. Please let this petty matter go, so this discussion continues & doesn't shut down. If you want, I'll come to your forum & we can save HuffPo & those at this discussion this trouble. People here can join your forum & read your blog, if they're interested, & you can post the links. It could prove quite interesting, couldn't it?"


To which I responded:

Links are on my profile and always have been, as you are well aware. And, to take a page from your playbook, folks can read today's posts and see who's flooded this thread this morning with her explanations of this"petty" matter. You've more than acknowledged your words; the shame is that you've continued to defend them.

And you are always welcome to post at my blogs; there is no censoring or moderation. You are welcome to read the information at Science Rocks. It is not open to guest commenters at this time. If you have something you need to get off your chest concerning Science Rocks, you can do so at my blogs.

Leaving this for me to say to Marsha (Moffie):

That you don't see that I have not twisted your words is sad. I can twist and spin with the best of them if I so choose to do so. It's part of being a writer. However, I have an intense dislike of dishonesty or subterfuge. So, I say what I mean. I may have to censor the language and terminology at times, but I doubt anyone could actually say he or she has been unclear about how I feel about something, even if I have resorted to tactfully and civilly saying it.

I'm going to bottom line it for you, Marsha. As long as you continue to defend that post and try to explain that fear is fear, I'm going to hold it against you. I may not comment about it on Huff unless you absolutely leave me feeling I have no choice but to deal with it, but it's going to be there in the back of my mind that you actually think your fear was equivalent to those about to walk into the gas chamber. It is beyond offensive. It is beyond the pale. All you'd have to do is post an apology, a sincere one that you screwed up, you know it was wrong and you really are sorry you said it. Apologize for saying getting a shot was the same as being shot. That's all you have to do. Post it at the top of the thread. Own it and I will post a you're off the hook comment beneath it and we'll go back to playing nice.

It's obvious that posting on those threads fills a need for all of us regulars. You're certainly not going to run me off that thread or any other. So you can either decide that you're going to have to really think about what you are posting, base it in something approaching reality, and be specific in your comments. Enough with the vague, watery platitudes. Or you can accept that I will be a pain in your ass. And you'll have to remember to waltz that ass of yours over here to see what I really had to say. Because you can bet if I decide not to post it at Huff it will be here.

I was not kidding when I said it was possible to care about the well-being of someone with whom you can completely disagree with. You provide exchange and the opportunity to write, so you have a place in my life. But, even I have my limits and you are pushing on them. So, you need to decide what it is you want out of the exchange. Then let me know. I can adapt how I feel accordingly.


Gonzo said...

So getting a vaccine shot is as frightening, as being lined up in front of a gas chamber?
Just because she thinks vaccines cause Autism?
Even if that's right, she can not seriously think being Autistic is as bad as being gassed to death.
Not even Lurker thinks it's *that* bad.

Gonzo said...

No idea why I just said "she".
Moffie could of course be a guy, too.

KWombles said...

Moffie's a she. She also hates that I call her Moffie instead of her screen name of Mofmars333. So it's probably mean that I do it here. I at least don't call her that at Huff now that she's said it bothers her. She's still over there posting this morning trying to explain why she's right on this. The closest she came to apologizing was to say she was sorry if we didn't get she wasn't wrong.

Not feeling real fond of Moffie right now.

If you have time and interest, you ought to go over and post on the thread and ask her if she thinks it's as bad. I don't think it would make it through the moderators, though. :-(

angela said...

Oh, I dont know... I think it depends on which moderator is on at the time :/

KWombles said...

Some things zip right on, others sit forever.

Y'all weigh in on my polls and keep me on the straight and narrow. Let me know if you ever think I go too far.

I've invited Doug and Moffie over multiple times (funny how many of those invites don't make it on Huff). You'd think they'd take their shots back at me if they really have a problem with what I've written. It's not like I'm hiding or anything.

Gonzo said...

She's offended by "Moffie"?
After comparing people like me to the victims of the Holocaust?

KWombles said...

Moffie has apologized and I am fine with letting the comment go.

Thank you, Marsha, for apologizing. :-)