An Endorsement of Crazy

"How can they study the syndegy of these toxins, infections and metabolic poisons? It can't be done...how about we mothers just get wise and do everything in our power to not subject our children to this stuff, including any "safe" vaccine...
And, let's not forget, autism can be caused by your birth experience from an OBGYN that still follows ACOG standards to asphyxiate children with immediate cord clamping...
So many variables, so little time..."
Posted by: Kathy Blanco June 11, 2009 at 12:17 AM


For the record: Kim, Dan, John, Anne, etc.: As long as you let crazy post and don't counter it or let another commenter counter it, I am going to assume you endorse this crazy. You certainly are attempting to profit off of it.


Connie said...

Do you know if the people who run AoA read this site? Have you had many exchanges with them?

Lisa said...

I saw the cord clamping comment this morning and did a spit take with my coffee.

KWombles said...


I don't know if anyone from over there has looked at the site; I don't hide it, and it's on my profile at Huff. The three comments I managed to get on at AoA several weeks ago before they stopped allowing my comments on had my Detritus blog linked, so certainly I'm not hiding. I suppose it would depend on how curious any AoAers were/are when they are on Huff. I haven't emailed Kim Stagliano about it since she hasn't answered my last two emails concerning allowing my comments on and discussing whether there wasn't a way we could work together to end some of the divisiveness. Since my comments to the attacks my original posts never made it on and she never responded concerning building bridges, so to speak, I'm going to assume she's not interested in anything other than fostering foment.

I have exchanges at Huff with several who frequent AoA and subscribe to AoA's views. None have followed over here for a free exchange of ideas. They are welcome here and free to say whatever they like. I'll admit to being a bit disappointed. After all, they complain of censorship at Huff, and I promise no censoring here, so you'd think they'd want the chance to post what was censored.

I've posted this site on Huff in comments, but those comments, if they mke it on, are always pulled within a couple hours. I've thought of sock-puppeting to AoA and outing myself and my site here.

I think that most of those at AoA don't want the free and open exchange of ideas that no censoring would allow. I wish they would prove me wrong. We might get somewhere.

KWombles said...


Usually it's Fresca for me. I try not to drink or eat anything while reading AoA. :-)