Don't need to make it up; it's everywhere you look

"aliceautumn, you are so lost. The truth is the truth, no matter if you find it in the past. Modern times brought us big drug companies, the most evil, vile entities on Earth. Mother Nature CURES us and keeps us healthy. Modern technology cuts, burns, and poisons us with it's failed remedies."


I have noticed a propensity for these woo-nics to tout that truth is truth, facts are facts, that they know what they know. Over and over and over. Without ever getting anywhere close to truth or facts. What's up with that? I could offer you the fancy psychological reasons for why they do that.

Or I can just plug Daniel Gardner's The Science of Fear. He explains it extremely well. Malcolm Gladwell does a fine job of explaining the way people fool themselves, too. Maybe if some of these woo-nics picked up one these guys' books or took a general psychology course they might actually come close to a fact or truth?


Lisa said...

They sure do show a penchant for perseveration, don't they?

KWombles said...

:-) They do at that!