David Taylor has his knickers in a knot

"What has happened to the quality of BigPharma trolls on this blog? I demand to know. I do not know what this is symptomatic of, if anything, but the quality of attacks against anti-vaccine zealots has become pathetic here of late:NetDude: "there is no thimerosal in the vaccines of children anymore."Dude, your own government web site, for crying out loud: http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability/VaccineSafety/UCM096228 Right there. Read it. Get a clue. If you're going to help fight the anti-vaccine crazies, you must do a better job. Is the influenza vaccine given to children? Are school children required to have tetanus? Oh, and Thimerosal has been removed *as a preservative* in childhood vaccines. Thimerosal is still used in the manufacturing process.kwombles: "the science shows no link between autism and vaccines."I think you meant to say: "the science shows no link between autism and vaccines in the general population." That is correct, sir. Howver, the judgment that vaccines can play a role in the development of an autism spectrum disorder in a small group of susceptible children is one that has been made numerous times by the Vaccine Court. You want the case numbers? David has published them here before.Now go get some really good stuff and come back with strong arguments. Leave the woo at home."


Mr. Taylor,

Got your knickers in a knot? No study has shown a link between vaccination and autism. A court ruling is not a study.

Not a sir, either, nor can I imagine why you assumed such, unless you were using BSG's use of sir for all persons in a position of authority. In that case, why thank you for recognizing said position of authority. Otherwise, it just adds to your portrait of a stuffy old, outraged busy-body. Which look do you prefer?

I assure you that the quality of my arguments is just fine, and if you don't like the arguments, provide counter arguments with scientific evidence to back it up rather than going pissy and outraged. It'll look better on you. No woo here and never will be, not from me; I am completely woo-free.And for someone who says he is not anti-vaccine, etc., you really are rather hostile, especially for someone who has not until now been directly addressed.

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