Busy Day for the Idiocracy

I would say only Mofmars333 could come up with kind of crazy, but we all know by now how false a statement that would be.
Read and prepare to stand in awe of the sheer balls of this post:

"I have terrible memories of being vaccinated when I was a toddler. I ran out and hid when they tried to jab me. I remember running down a corridor & hiding under a desk in a hall.I watched feet, for who knows how long, before they found me. I just knew it was bad. They shot my doll & Dad, then me as I screamed. Years later in grade school we were lined up. I vividly remember the morbid feeling of doom, as I looked at the faces of all the other children around me. A doctor & nurses in white coats lined us up. It seems to me now, looking back as that child, it was similar to the fear that must have been in the hearts of holocaust victims, as they were lined up. I just knew something evil was going on, even as a child."

You realize you make it sound like you were being shot? "They shot my doll & Dad, then me as I screamed."
Your posts are rampant emotionalism, histrionics and blatant fear-mongering. Holocaust victims? Are you kidding me? You're equating vaccination with 6 million people being systematically exterminated? That's where you are going with this? Are you sure you want to do that? Really? You want to go that far? You don't consider that a bit much?


Lisa said...

"it was similar to the fear that must have been in the hearts of holocaust victims"

So sick and twisted, really, there are no words for how heinous moffie is.

KWombles said...

and of course, she accused me of twisting her words.