AoA commenter thinks that 40-60% of HIV positive people have autism

"Erik and David, you may be interested to know that somewhere around 40-60% of HIV-positive (whatever that means) have autism. The A word is not used, of course.
The severity of their autism is correlated to their HIV-viral load (whatever that means) and the CD4 cell count. Their autism often diminishes or disappears when put they are put on antivirals, including non-HIV antivirals (yes, valtrex included).
Oh, and guess what else, HIV viral load shoots up after vaccination. And comes down when chelators are given."
There is more on the issue http://autismcalciumchannelopathy.com/HIV_and_Autism.html
Posted by: Natasa June 20, 2009 at 09:26 AM


I read this and I am seriously floored by the tremendous ignorance demonstrated in this post. I mean, seriously floored. And amazed that AoA will censor reasonable dissent but let pure-dee-stupidity on. What worries me more is that AoA may not think this allegation is stupid. Each passing day, as I read what AoA has to offer I grow more disgusted with those who run the site and saddened by the depth of paranoia, ignorance, bitterness, hatred, and the depth of conviction that these posters have that their world-view is the correct world-view.

The people that run AoA will have much to answer for in the years that come, especially if they ever rise to more than a fringe element in our society.

Kim Stagliano, if you don't have someone on your staff counter this post with something resembling reality, then seriously, I may be a quiet little voice so far in my quest to counter your site, but you can guarantee I will grow louder in opposition. I will make it my mission to take every piece of crap your people put on and counter it. I will link with other bloggers and we will take on everything your site posts. Every damn piece of ignorance. I will become a serious pain in your ass. I promise you that.

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