Age of Autism and the spreading of lies, misinformation, and woo

A comment I tried to get on at AoA this morning under another screen name and email:

It took five minutes to figure out that Crosby’s article is bunk. It only took about a minute to figure out AoA’s intention to further inflame the people they already have successfully terrorized concerning vaccines and autism. Great job with that. I’m sure you’ll have a sponsor with some megavitamin concoctions to heal that, as well.

Reply to Pape et al.: The phylogeography of HIV-1 group M subtype B
1. Michael Worobey*,†,
2. Arthur E. Pitchenik‡,
3. M. Thomas P. Gilbert§,
4. Gabriela Wlasiuk*, and
5. Andrew Rambaut


o M. Thomas P. Gilbert,
o Andrew Rambaut,
o Gabriela Wlasiuk,
o Thomas J. Spira,
o Arthur E. Pitchenik,
o and Michael Worobey

From the Cover: The emergence of HIV/AIDS in the Americas and beyondPNAS 2007 104:18566-18570; published online before print October 31, 2007, doi:10.1073/pnas.0705329104


Summary of journal article findings (in case your readers aren't inclined to actually go read the study or rebuttal): http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2007-10/uoa-hpo102507.php

Even other conspiracy theorists disagree with you: "Last year, the mystery was supposedly solved by Edward Hooper, a former BBC journalist. In his vast tome, The River, he built a mountain of evidence that suggested Aids could be traced to the time when Prof Hilary Koprowski, and Dr Stanley Plotkin, developed an oral polio vaccine called CHAT."


This is proof once again of AoA's agenda to misinform and intentionally inflame.

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