A Wooquack's Gut

A Wooquack’s Gut

In the land of Wooquackery,
where no wind blows and no one knows,
there lives an unhappy band
of wooquacks.

Never a fact
have the wooquacks met
that google couldn’t undo.
Real it must be if it’s there on the net for all to see.

No old scientists
for the wooquacks, nosirree.
Brand new ones with
Google degrees, if you please.

No need for scientific method.
No use for critical thinking.
Just our gut here, you see
In the land of wooquackery.

We know what we know.
Truth is truth.
Proof is proof.
Out with science and in with the wooquackery.

dedicated to the one I have designated nemesis 2.0, who was and is a muse for my writing (although that's probably not a compliment, but hey, what can you do?).

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