Irritated with Age of Autism/Are You Frakking Kidding Me?


My comment (hah, like it will get on):

Absolutely, "In the end, the truth will be undeniable."Woo-quackery at it's finest here. Thankfully, the mainstream media are picking up on it finally. After all, there's only so much most people can stand of being wrong. And then it's time to consider what the truth of the matter really is. And where do most reasonable people go for that? Ahh, yes. Science.

Of course, many of the people at AoA wouldn't know science if it walked up and smacked them in the face.

Alright, Maggiemom would note that for someone who prides themselves on civility, this isn't. Meh. Tough. I didn't note that they were walking wackaloons, did I?-

----Added this to the comment and resubmitted:

I like how the comments are moderated and the author has to approve them. That's one way to control the dialogue. That's okay. You don't have to put this comment up here. It's in my blog, oh, where all comments are welcome, where I believe if you want to put it out there, go right ahead. :-)

----Update 05.24 10:11 am --- Slap me silly and color me pink ---

AoA put the whole damn thing on. Including the last paragraph I added. Oh, I know, I double-dared them, essentially. So, gracious person that I am, I promptly posted on there acknowledging that they had let it on. I still think they are incredibly WRONG on just about everything. Maybe they have a minimum number of dissenters they allow on so that they can then eviscerate them? Ooooh, that gets to be me this time around! I gots me a mighty thick skin, you know!

----Hey, look what A0A put on of mine in response to http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/05/olmsted-on-autism-welcome-to-illinois.html#comments:

Overgeneralization: "Mainstream docs prescribe this drug every day, to children."Statistics to back up this claim? Is your argument that if regular docs do it and don't know the effects, then no bigger if the Greiers (sic) do it?"

---I don't know why I want to put an r in their name, but I keep doing it. Arrggh.

Update and retitled Are you frakking Kidding Me?

From Sanctimonious Miss: "To KWombles, I, as a person who has no autistic child, can tell you from long experience, that you have no idea how many of the parents of AOA are scientists themselves, or who, being non scientists, know all about research done by Dr Haley, University of Kentucky, Dr. Burbacher, University of Washington, and Dr. I. Pessah, U California, Davis, and so many others, of whom I am sure you have no knowledge, or you would probably be on our side. Comments are moderated because we want to keep up the science and because we want to have respectful discourse. You have no idea how tough it is to be the parent of a severely autistic child and some comments can be hurtful. Now, let us imagine that someone here thinks that Lupron is not a good treatment in some way. We want to hear that because we want to move forward. We want to discard the treatments that arent doing kids any good.But, yes, anything that might help an autistic child feel better, We're going to take a close look before we trash and dismiss. Open your heart and eyes, if you truly care for the suffering of children. Listen to the stories of parents. Look at the autistic children. Age of Autism is not the TRUTH, it is merely the SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. Please join us on our journey."

My response (if it gets on):

To Cherry Sperlin Misra:No, I, as the mother of three children on the spectrum and as a college instructor of psychology with a focus in autism, will most emphatically not be joining the Age of Autism crowd. Ever. Thank you.I absolutely know what it is like to parent a severely autistic child who will never be leaving home to live an independent life.To say that AoA is about the science borders on absurd and your sanctimonious post certainly goes right over that edge.

Update 5/25

"KWombles -If you won't be joining us ever, that is your loss. Cherry's post certainly was not sanctimonious. Perhaps you need to clean your glasses, as your perceptions seem to be a bit off."

My response: (not put on)

Twyla,No, not my loss at all. I have a wonderful support group in people who are scientifically minded and go where the evidence leads.And, I see quite clearly, thank you.

And, yes her post did come across that way. She made multiple assumptions regarding my experiences and knowledge base and she was wrong. I speak from personal and professional experience and knowledge regarding autism.I do know what it's like to have a child severely affected by autism; who at 19 remains mentally around 8, who is never leaving home for an independent life.

Also not put on:

Twyla: Sanctimonious: "self-righteous, goody-goody" -- www.answers.com/topic/sanctimonious

Now, the question is is yours?Her post was.And if I appear adversarial? You bet I am; I've spent the last three months at Huff countering woo and outright lies. I'm done sitting aside and watching people like Jenny spout misinformation. I'm done watching people follow the woo-trail in the desperate hope for improvement for their child(ren) without standing counterpoint and offering evidence-based practices.

And can we all say fraktacular balls?


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