An endless supply of material. Gads.

"What is unfortunate is that the very sensible information provided by Jenny McCarthy does not have an even bigger platform. All the scientists who research autism and doctors who treat autism and parents of children with autism and people with autism who are able to understand -- all should be aware and educated about everything in Jenny & Dr. Jerry's new book "Healing and Preventing Autism" and also Dr. Bryan Jepson's book "Changing the Course of Autism", and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless' book "Children with Starving Brains"."


No more need be said.

And by Handley: an article entitled "Is Autism Speaks' Geri Dawson a Blithering Idiot?" Let me answer that for you, J.B. No, that would be your reflection in the mirror staring back at you. Nice. Read the article, it's almost worth the headache this much ignorance cause. The balls of it, though, should not fail to impress. I will give him that. He may think Wakefield is gold and anything that counters Wakefield to be wrong, that anyone not Wakefield can't speak on the autism/vaccine link except for Handley himself, because he of course has accurately read the research, but at least he has the cajones to stand up and speak and reveal himself to be a blithering idiot, to borrow a term.


"And furthermore, do you really think the vaccine program could be stopped completely at this point? Because for every handful of people who agree vaccines are bad, there are two handfuls of people who believe vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread."


This person goes on at length (not something I would ever complain as a bad thing) about how people who don't buy into the vaccine/autism deal are essentially too lazy to think. It couldn't be that the science doesn't back it, could it?

"Why listen to laundered, watered down, corporate controlled "news" when you can read Dan Olmstead on stuff like A of A's news instead?"




Connie said...

This is only tangentially related to the thread, but in the aftermath of the murder of Dr. George Tiller yesterday, I have to post this somewhere. (And AoA certainly wouldn't post it.)

In a video they produced, anti-abortion group Operation Rescue refers to Tiller as "corrupt, alcoholic, drug addict, blasphemer, liar, defiler, butcher, pervers, foul, evil, unethical, murderer, malicious." It concludes: "You may be the difference between life and death for a child."

Compare this to the way folks like Paul Offit are referred to on AoA--not just in the articles, but by the commenters.

I'm very surprised that some crazed parent hasn't already harmed a pediatrician for "giving my child autism with the vaccines."

If this ever happens, God forbid, the demonization at AoA of all things vaccine-related will have played a major role.

So, if the big shots at AoA see this, I beg you: Please tone down your rhetoric. Please publicly slap down your commenters who say inflammatory things. Go on believing whatever you want, but can you stop referring to vaccine manfacturers as merchants of death and the like?

Please? Before someone else is murdered?

KWombles said...

Hi Connie,

I've never understood the foaming at the mouth that extremists engage in and their willingness to threaten the lives of people they disagree with, and for some, to even act on those threats. It appears, though, to be as old as time and people: there is a subset of individuals who are this way, are ready to kill or be killed for their beliefs, and people running organizations like AoA, GR, and Operations Rescue know this and use it (can we see the parallel with other types of extremist groups?). Without passionate followers ready to go completely down the rabbit-hole, where would they be? Plus, by letting the unhinged do their dirty work for them, they can sit back and pretend their hands are clean.