The censoring of voices and irony missed completely

Anne Dachel is hammering the Trib again, decrying what she says sounds a lot like promoting censorship (concerning the folly in giving Jenny McCarthy her own show). Is that not delicious? AoA is all about censoring people whose opinions don't dovetail with theirs, but get their knickers in a knot when an individual or an organization points out that the "scientists" and "doctors" they support are frauds, their proposed treatments horrific at worst, abusive at best.

We are all guaranteed the right of free speech (with some limits, like yelling 'Fire!' into a crowd where there is none-- gotta wonder if someday the whole vaccines cause autism might not qualify), but we aren't guaranteed the right to a medium with which to voice our free speech, and certainly not a TV show to dispense inanity, woo, and outright fearmongering by consistently lying about the ingredients in vaccines, the number of adverse reactions, and the link between vaccines and autism.

The people who say they'd rather their child have one of the potentially deadly diseases instead of autism are in effect saying they'd rather see their child suffer, potentially suffer irreparable harm, and potentially die than have to deal with their child's autism and the hard work it takes to provide intervention and the fact that for a fair proportion of these parents, the reality that these children will not grow up to live independent lives.

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