Another day, another jolt of woo-siness

AoA continues to add posts containing such appalling woo-siness I almost grow faint while ignoring my requests in personal emails for the right to rebut those few who attacked my post. Ah well, you can't say I didn't try. And yes, I know I went willingly into the lion's den on this one. I won't bother to try to post there again; it's far more effective to make my rebuttals here.

Between Huff Post's woo-inators, GR's woo-tins, and AoA's woo-beciles, there is enough ammunition there for plenty of posts to pick apart.

It would be interesting to conduct a survey of parents of autistic children and children with other disabilities and find out what proportion of parents really believe vaccines are to blame, what percentage blame heavy metal toxicity, and what portion believe their child's difficulties are due to a combination of genetic and environmental triggers. We really have no idea of whether AoA, GR, and other like groups represent large numbers or not. It would also be interesting to know what proportion use biomedical treatments, what treatments are used, and how many restrict their treatments to cognitive-behavioral therapies, social skills training, and academic supports.

I'm not convinced that AoA actually has a large body of supporters, at least not based on the number of comments alone. It would be interesting to see site numbers, and then be able to survey those who read the mostly junk there and see whether they read it to be woo-informed so as to counter it or because they are woo-believers.

I'll have to do some digging to see if any of these kinds of surveys have been done.

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